Climate Change, Migration and Conflict

TitelClimate Change, Migration and Conflict
Typ der PublikationBook
Untertitel / SerientitelReceiving Communities under Pressure?
AutorInnenWarnecke, A, Tänzler, D, Vollmer, R
Anzahl Seiten12 pp.
VerlagThe German Marshall Fund of the United States - Study Team on Climate-Induced Migration

The paper "Climate Change, Migration and Conflict: Receiving Communities under Pressure?" analyzes the likely intersections between climate change, migration and conflict. The paper identifies some of the most relevant factors that might turn environmentally induced migration into a source of conflict and hold major implications for receiving areas.Scientific literature is still inconclusive about the conflict potential of environ­mentally induced in-migration and the mechanisms potentially linking it to conflict onset. In general, such mecha­nisms tend to apply more often in cases of conflict induced as opposed to environmentally induced migration. In a possible chain of events leading from environmentally induced migration to conflict in a receiving area, a host of other factors comes into play, including the causes and type of migration and responses to and perceptions of migra­tion. The impacts of current and future climate trends are likely to increase the pressures that trigger environmen­tally induced distress migration and migration as a means of adaptation to environmental change. At the same time, climatic and non-climatic factors further strain governance capacities and weaken the stability and the natu­ral resource base of receiving commu­nities, thus making it harder for them to respond to migration appropriately.The authors appeal to governments and donors to invest in (a) extending the knowledge base, for instance by conducting long-term case studies, and (b) supporting mechanisms for receiving communities in devising migration governance strategies based on this knowledge.

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