Conflict Dynamics in Sindh

TitelConflict Dynamics in Sindh
Typ der PublikationReport
AutorInnenYusuf, H, Hasan, SS
Untertitel / SerientitelUSIP Peace Works
Pagination32 pp.
InstitutionUnited States Institute of Peace (USIP)

Pakistan’s southern province of Sindh has a reputation for stability, diversity, and tolerance. It is also at a tipping point- increasingly threatened by violent extremism, crime, political corruption, tribal feuds, and nationalist and separatist movements. If the province is not to become yet another base for militants, as areas to the north already are, the government needs to act promptly and decisively. Addressing the security situation in Sindh is also integral to stabilizing Karachi, which should be a top priority, given the economic ramifications of growing turbulence in the country’s financial capital.