Discrimination and Conflict Prevention

TitelDiscrimination and Conflict Prevention
Typ der PublikationBook
AutorInnenHollo, L
Anzahl Seiten56 pp.
VerlagInitiative on Conflict Prevention through Quiet Diplomacy, published with Folke Bernadotte Academy


Discrimination is prima facie unjust, and widespread and ongoing discrimination often invites popular reaction contributing to conflict. Across the world, it is both a root and proximate cause of social tension and violence. Addressing both direct and indirect discrimination and promoting effective equality respond to the causes of conflict and impede the outbreak of related violence.Presented in an easy-to-use format, this Handbook provides conflict prevention actors with the knowledge they need to recognize and respond to discrimination. It summarizes available empirical knowledge, synthesizes international standards and practice on non-discrimination, and highlights legal, institutional and policy measures that effectively promote equality. It sets out what discrimination is, how to identify it and how to respond.

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