Extending the Reach of Peace-Builders

TitelExtending the Reach of Peace-Builders
Typ der PublikationBook
Untertitel / SerientitelA Media Outreach Guide for Dialogue and Reconciliation Practitioners
Anzahl Seiten37 pp.
VerlagSearch for Common Ground's Partners in Humanity Programm (SFCG)

(The following text has been taken from the section "Using this Guide")The media provides a powerful opportunity to reach broad audiences quickly and effectively. For individuals and groups working to address conflict, this makes it a compelling tool. It can increase the breadth and scope of reconciliation and dialogue initiatives. It can serve as a vehicle for reaching the various parties in a conflict. And it can help your organization gain visibility with potential donors, partners and clients. More broadly, media coverage can improve the image of a conflicted region by pointing out the constructive work of local peace-builders.However media today is often a forum for negative and extreme perspectives, and it is often difficult to navigate the media world so that your constructive messages and success stories get heard or seen through all the noise and activity.This guide has been designed to complement Search for Common Ground's 2006 media outreach training workshops for non-governmental organizations, civil society activists and other individuals and groups working in the fields of conflict resolution, dialogue, reconciliation and related human security initiatives, but it can also be used on its own. It has been developed to provide short and easy tips and instructions for traversing the realm of the media and making yourself heard. It is not a comprehensive guide, but a practical tool for organizations and individuals with little time or money to spend on media outreach but a lot to gain from engaging in it. This guide provides practical information on the core components of media outreach strategies and related activities. First-time users should read through the entire guide to gain a broad understanding of media outreach and its related tools.- The first section, "Reaching Out to Media", should get you thinking about what the media want, locally and internationally, and prepare you to create documents and messages for your different audiences.- The next section provides tear-out "Checklists" that can be used again and again for your most frequent media outreach activities.- The "Tips and Tricks" section provides additional detail on these practical action items and ideas for better media outreach initiatives.- The "Models & Templates" section provides examples of successful media outreach activities that you can refer to when developing your own strategies.- And if you are still looking for more information, the last section, "Useful Links & Additional Resources", provides some electronic and print resources you can access for more details.The outreach guide can be downloaded from SFCG's website (see link below).

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