Measuring Change

TitelMeasuring Change
Typ der PublikationBook
Untertitel / SerientitelPlanning - Monitoring - Evaluation in Media Development
AutorInnenJannusch, S
Anzahl Seiten84 pp.
VerlagCatholic Media Council (CAMECO) & Forum Medien und Entwicklung (FoME)

The symposium Measuring Change. Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation in Media Development focused on the utilisation aspect of evaluation: The adding of "Planning" to "Monitoring and Evaluation" in the subtitle indicates that emphasis was laid on learning from monitoring and evaluation experiences, to facilitate the improvement of existing projects and programmes at all levels, from planning to implementation and follow-up.
The report on last year's conference of the Forum Medien und Entwicklung contains presentations, Workshop reports and a brief description of the follow-up initiative mediaME.

Overview of the Contents:
Executive Summary
Follow-up: mediaME platform launched
Part I: Setting the Framework
Executive Summary of an IPDC paper: Indicators of Media Development  - Andrew Puddephatt, Global Partners
Media and Governance Index /M&E-Handbook: Twin pillars of M&E in media development  - Alan Davis, Institute for War and Peace Reporting
Part II: Concepts and Tools
Most Significant Change: A tool to document community radio impact -  Birgitte Jallov, Senior Communication SpecialistUsing the Outcome Mapping framework: How to build a reporters' network  - Nadia El-Awady, Arab Science Journalists Association + Jan Lublinski, World Federation of Science Journalists
Monitoring a Moving target: Peace building soap opera in Nepal - Serena Rix Tripathee, Search for Common Ground Nepal
The art of conversational interview: Monitoring in the statistical Wild West - Ondine Ullman, PACT Mongolia
BBC World Service Trust: Embedding research into projects - Esther Saville, BBC World Service Trust + Anna Godfrey, BBC World Service Trust
Planning and evaluation of journalism training: A baseline study on radio news in Zambia - Christoph Spurk, Zurich University
Part III: Changing the Perspective
Who evaluates the donors' performance? - Luckson Chipare, Consultant
Summarising lessons learned: Recommendations to donors and implementing organisations
Impact of Journalism Training

The conference report can be downloaded from the link below.

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