Monitoring of Effects (movie)

TitelMonitoring of Effects (movie)
Typ der PublikationBook
Untertitel / Serientitelzivik-manual for effects-oriented planning and implementation of projects working to promote peace
Anzahl Seiten22 pp.
Verlagzivik - Programm zivik des Instituts für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa)

The aim of zivik in producing this manual is to support applicant organisations in the planning of their project and submission of their application and to discover common answers to the question "Are we doing the right thing and are we doing it in a way which produces the effects we are aiming for, with a resulting improvement in the current situation?" Movie, the tool, derives its name from the German phrase for the monitoring of effects. However, movie includes more than the simple task of monitoring, that is to say, observing the consequences of actions. It relates to the process of analysis, planning, action, observation and of subsequent adaptations in behaviour employed with a view to achieving the desired change.
In this sense, movie should be understood as tool for the planning and implementation of projects working to promote peace. Movie does not lay down an implementation plan but contains the potential for customisation in accordance with individual needs.

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