Nonviolent Soldier of Islam

TitelNonviolent Soldier of Islam
Typ der PublikationBook
Untertitel / SerientitelBadshah Khan, a Man to Match His Mountains
AutorInnenEknath, E
VerlagNilgiri Press
StadtOotacamund, India

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan (1890-1988), a Pathan (or Pushtun) of Afghanistan and a devout Muslim, raised the first nonviolent army in history to free his people from British imperial rule. He persuaded 100,000 of his countrymen to lay down the guns they had made themselves and vow to fight nonviolently. This book tells the dramatic life-story of this heroic and little-known Muslim leader. It gives at the same time a glimpse of the Pushtuns, their society, and the last hundred years of their history, and describes the rugged terrain in which they live.

Khan's profound belief in the truth and effectiveness of nonviolence came from the depths of personal experience of his Muslim faith. His life testifies to the reality that nonviolence and Islam are perfectly compatible.

Nonviolent Soldier of Islam tells Khan's life-story through narrative, 58 photos, and Khan's own words.

Table of Contents

Part One
1. The Jubilee 2. Children of the Prophet 3. The Vale of Tirah 4. The Guides 5. Islam!

Part Two
6. Badshah Khan 7. O Pathans! 8. The Pathan Mystique 9. The Servants of God 10. The Weapon of the Prophet

Part Three
11. The Frontier Gandhi 12. Men of the Book 13. The Two Gandhis 14. The Fire of Freedom Epilogue

Part Four
Afterword: The Good Fight