Paix sans frontières

TitelPaix sans frontières
Typ der PublikationBook
Untertitel / SerientitelBuilding Peace across Borders
Series EditorRamsbotham, A, Zartman, IW
BandAccord – An International Review of Peace Initiatives, Issue 22
Anzahl Seiten114 pages
VerlagConciliation Resources
StadtLondon, UK

War does not respect political or territorial boundaries. It forms part of wider, regional conflict systems through dynamics that cross borders: refugee flows, nomadic armed groups like the LRA, narcotic or criminal networks, blood diamonds, or psycho-social ties.But there is a policy gap across borders and in borderlands where statehood and diplomacy can struggle to reach, as international conflict responses focus on states for analysis and intervention.This twenty-second Accord publication looks at how peacebuilding strategies and capacity can ‘think outside the state’: beyond it, through regional engagement, and below it, through cross-border community or trade networks.Accord issue 22 (2011) includes 20 case studies from Asia, Europe and the Caucasus, to East, Central and West Africa, Central America and the Middle East. Articles also explore cross-border peacebuilding from global, systems analysis and legal perspectives; and focusing on politics, governance and security, social and community relations, and trade and natural resources.

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