Participation of Diasporas in Peacebuilding and Development

TitelParticipation of Diasporas in Peacebuilding and Development
Typ der PublikationBook
Untertitel / SerientitelA Handbook for Practitioners and Policymakers
AutorInnenWarnecke, A, Saggiomo, V, Ezzati, R, Guglielmo, M, Mezzetti, P, Pirkkalainen, P, Sinatti, G
Series EditorHorst, C
BandPRIO Report 2-2010
Anzahl Seiten68 pages
VerlagPeace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)

This handbook aims to provide individuals and organizations interested in working with diasporas with the tools they will need to do so effectively. Drawing on lessons learned from a range of development and peacebuilding projects in Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Norway, the handbook presents answers to many of the questions that practitioners and policymakers interacting with diasporas will encounter. These include: What is the value added of diaspora engagement? How can we best deal with fragmentation within diaspora communities? How do we select suitable partners? And how can we best make use of the invaluable resources of diaspora individuals and groups? The authors hope that readers will be able to benefit from both the general principles outlined and the specific project examples provided in order to facilitate increased participation of diasporas in peacebuilding and development.This publication follows a range of other reports and publications on diaspora involvement in development and peacebuilding published within the DIASPEACE project. It has been written mainly for European practitioners and policymakers, and was developed as a result of our observation that there is now a markedly increased interest among European actors in 2engaging diasporas“.It has been co-written by a team of researchers involved in the DIASPEACE project, under the coordination of Cindy Horst (ed.).

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