Peacebuilding in Eastern DRC: Improving EU Support for Economic Recovery

TitelPeacebuilding in Eastern DRC: Improving EU Support for Economic Recovery
Typ der PublikationBook
Untertitel / SerientitelReport by International Alert
AutorInnenThompson, A, Bell, E
Anzahl Seiten36 pp.
VerlagInternational Alert

This report has been produced by International Alert and is one of two reports produced under the project, \'Preventing Conflict and Building Sustainable Peace: Assessing and Improving EU Impact\', a joint-initiative between International Alert and Crisis Management Initiative. The two organisations would like to extend their thanks to the Belgian Government, who provided financial support for the project through the Federal Public Service. The contents of this report are the sole responsibility of International Alert. This report focuses on economic recovery as a central pillar of peacebuilding in eastern DRC and, in particular, the role of the European Commission in supporting such processes. It argues that the drivers of fragility and instability must be addressed if meaningful long term economic recovery is to be realised. The report is based on field work carried out in South Kivu and Ituri, and draws on research by Alert\'s partner in Bukavu, CEGEC. It explores how peacebuilding can be put at the heart of efforts to create shared economic opportunities in the east, notwithstanding the immense challenges faced by donors in such conflict-affected environments.

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