Strategies for Peace

TitelStrategies for Peace
Typ der PublikationBook
Untertitel / SerientitelContributions of International Organisations, States, and Non-State Actors
AutorInnenFischer, M, Rittberger, V
Anzahl Seiten297 pp.
VerlagBarbara Budrich Publishers

How can sustainable peace be achieved? The book identifies potential supranational, state and non-state actors in peacebuilding processes. Furthermore, it develops strategies to address the problems and dilemmas of international peacebuilding. An important contribution to a highly topical debate. Hopes for a less violent conflict-prone world after the end of the Cold War were bitterly disappointed. Instead, the international community is faced with protracted wars and violent conflicts today. In addition, social, economic and cultural insecurities as well as fragile statehood challenge the post-Westphalian environment. As a result, scholars and policy-makers alike are trying to develop viable strategies for sustainable peace. The book contributes to this debate, as it illustrates current research results on the topic and addresses the complex problems and dilemmas that various international peacebuilding actors are confronted with. The volume presents results from an international symposium held by the German Foundation for Peace Research.From the Contents:
Strategies for Peace
Volker Rittberger, From the Westphalian Peace to Strategies for Peace in a Post-Westphalian Environment
Oliver Richmond, Reconstructing the Liberal Peace Andrew Mack, Global Political Violence: Explaining the Post-Cold War DeclineInter- and Supranational Organizations
Richard Gowan, UN Peace Operations: Operational Expansion and Political Fragmentation?
Ian Manners, The European Union's Normative Strategy for Sustainable Peace
Tobias Debiel, Christof Hartmann and Anne Herm, Stabilizing Fragile States in Sub-Saharan Africa: Towards a New Role of Regional Organizations?States and Civil Society
Michael Mastanduno, Hegemonic States as Pacifying Powers: Why It may be Difficult to Count on the United States
Ulrich Schneckener, Addressing Fragile Statehood: Dilemmas and Strategies of International Statebuilding
Martina Fischer, Civil Society and Peacebuilding: Potentials and LimitsCross-Cutting Challenges for Post-Conflict Peacebuilding
David Bloomfield, Reconciliation
Michael Zürn, Anna Herrhausen, Post-Conflict Peacebuilding. The Roles of Ownership and Coordination

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