Sudan - No Easy Ways Ahead

TitelSudan - No Easy Ways Ahead
Typ der PublikationBook
Untertitel / SerientitelPublication of the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation on the elections 2010 in Sudan
AutorInnenEl-Battahani, A, Harneit-Sievers, A, Marchal, R, Peter, M, Schumann, P, de Waal, A, Wezeman, PD, Yoh, J
BandPublication series on democracy, Volume 18
Anzahl Seiten124 pp.
VerlagHeinrich Böll Foundation North America

As the six-year transitional period defined in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement draws to a close, Sudan is sliding into another crisis. The agreement has largely failed to realise democratic transformation and to make the unity of the country attractive. Political tensions in the run-up to the elections this year indicate that older conflicts still persist - a bad sign for the referendum on the future status of South Sudan that is scheduled for January 2011. It is possible and interesting to delineate potential scenarios, and to identify the political options they open up for different actors in Sudan. Anyway, the international community can play a constructive role in facilitating workable post-CPA arrangements.

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