The Non-Linearity of Peace Processes - Theory and Practice of Systemic Conflict Transformation

TitelThe Non-Linearity of Peace Processes - Theory and Practice of Systemic Conflict Transformation
Typ der PublikationBook
Untertitel / SerientitelNew book by Berghof Conflict Research
AutorInnenKörppen, D, Ropers, N, Giessmann, HJ
Anzahl Seiten273 pp.
VerlagBarbara Budrich Publishers, Opladen / Farmington Hill

This is the first comprehensive volume analysing the value added by integrating systemic thinking into peacebuilding theory and practice. The aim of this book is to link the most recent debates in the peacebuilding field, e.g. on liberal peace, on the non-linearity of conflict dynamics and on bridging the attribution gap, with various systemic discourses, discussing the extent to which systemic thinking and methods are helpful to further develop existing approaches to conflict transformation. From the Contents:IntroductionDaniela Körppen & Norbert Ropers, Addressing the Complex Dynamics of Conflict Transformation´ I. Conceptualising Systemic Thinking• Sirin Bernshausen & Thorsten Bonacker, A Constructivist Perspective on System Conflict Transformation
• Peter T. Coleman, Robin Vallacher, Andrea Bartoli, Andrzej Nowak & Lan Bui-Wrzosinska, Navigating the Landscape of Conflict: Applications of Dynamical Systems Theory to Addressing Protracted Conflict
• Oliver Ramsbotham, Radical Disagreement and Systemic Conflict Transformation
• Daniela Körppen, Space Beyond the Liberal Peacebuilding Consensus – A Systemic Perspective
• Danny Burns, Facilitating Systemic Conflict Transformation Through Systemic Action Research
• Dirk Splinter & Ljubjana Wüstehube, Discovering Hidden Dynamics: Applying Systemic Constellation Work to Ethnopolitical Conflict II. Implementing Systemic Thinking
• Luxshi Vimalarajah & Suthaharan Nadarajah, Thinking Peace: Revisiting Analysis and Intervention in Sri Lanka
• Norbert Ropers, Peace Processes as Corridors for Systemic Change: Insights from Sri Lanka 2002–2005
• David Peter Stroh, The System Dynamics of Identity-Based Conflict
• Robert Ricigliano, Planning for Systemic Impact
• Peter Woodrow & Diana Chigas, Connecting the Dots: Evaluating Whether and How Programmes Address Conflict Systems
• Oliver Wolleh, Comparing Systemic Therapy and Interactive Conflict Resolution – Commonalities, Difference and Implications for Practice
• Juba Khuzwayo, Berenice Meintje & Usche Merk, Integrating African Meaning Systems and Systemic Thinking –The Sinani Approach of Working with Conflict Communities    To order, please visit the publisher’s websitePrice: 33 € Berghof Conflict Research is a member organisation of Platform Civil Conflict Transformation.

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