10 Years Civil Peace Service Ethiopia. Lessons Learned

Titel10 Years Civil Peace Service Ethiopia. Lessons Learned
Typ der PublikationReport
AutorInnenBräuer, B, Gobessa, S
InstitutionDeutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
Stadt Addis Abeba

The publication “Lessons Learned – 10 Years CPS in Ethiopia” collected the most important challenges the partners of CPS and the CPS team faced during ten years programme implementation in the following topics: trainings and capacity building, support and strengthening of local peace committees, the facilitation of inter-group peace dialogues, mediation in Ethiopia and the development of a regional conflict resolution strategy. Based on the experience of the programme’s partner organizations and stakeholders, the publication also presents promising solutions in order to face these challenges in an appropriate way.

Learn more about the following questions:

  • How to bring conflicting parties to the negotiation table?
  • How to organize peace dialogues between conflicting groups the best?
  • How to deal with high emotions during a peace dialogue?
  • How to involve women and youth in peacebuilding

Why should we – as programme implementers – face the same problems again when we could learn from the experience of the past and thereby can avoid problems before they develop? So, study the lessons learned and, hopefully, get new and important ideas.


The report is accompanied by the Coffee Table Book: 10 Years Civil Peace Service in Ethiopia. Faces and Voices, Benjamin Bräuer, Dagmar Blickwede, Doris Pfeiffer-Götze, Erik Burtchen, Sisay Gobessa; Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Addis Abeba 2017, 122pp.