Basics of Dialogue Facilitation

TitelBasics of Dialogue Facilitation
Typ der PublikationBook
AutorInnenRopers, N
Anzahl Seiten29 S.
VerlagBerghof Foundation

This small booklet aims at providing some guidance, inspiration and practical tools for those who are engaged in the planning and facilitation of dialogue processes or who are advocating for dialogue as a means for solving conflict. Initially, the publication started out as a handout, sharing insights into setting up and conducting constructive dialogues around contentious issues specifically in contexts of violence-prone conflict. Norbert Ropers, together with numerous insider mediators and external experts, drew it together based on joint decades of experience in accompanying and facilitating such constructive conversations and negotiations. Its audience were first and foremost local practitioners. The "handout" subsequently met with great interest and has been translated into Arabic and in parts into Spanish and Thai. Among the wealth of works on dialogue facilitation and methodology, its simplicity and its focus on working in settings of political and sometimes violence-prone conflict settings have set it apart.