Incremental inclusivity: A recipe for effective peace processes?

TitelIncremental inclusivity: A recipe for effective peace processes?
Typ der PublikationReport
AutorInnenSchädel, A, Dudouet, V, Hülzer, J-M, Sallach, C
InstitutionBerghof Foundation

The quest for inclusive pathways for peace has become one of the cornerstones of the international peacebuilding agenda in the past few years. While there is a growing consensus that the inclusion of various constituencies and interests in conflict resolution processes is a crucial factor in building sustainable peace, there is still a great deal of confusion and disagreement on the right timing and sequencing of multiactor inclusion in peace process design in order to bring about legitimate, equitable and lasting solutions to complex protracted armed conflicts.

This report contributes to this debate by conducting a comparative assessment of ‘incremental inclusion’ approaches for non-signatory armed groups and civil society actors during the negotiation and implementation of four peace/ceasefire agreements.

Report (Berghof Foundation)