The Korean Peninsula Crisis: Beyond Fire and Fury

TitelThe Korean Peninsula Crisis: Beyond Fire and Fury
Typ der PublikationReport
InstitutionInternational Crisis Group

North Korea’s nuclear and missile tests combined with bellicose rhetoric from the U.S. mean the risk of a catastrophic war on the Korean peninsula is higher than at any time in recent history. Yet a short reprieve ahead of the February 2018 Winter Olympics, renewed dialogue between North and South Korea and Pyongyang’s desire to show economic progress during this year’s 70th anniversary of its founding provide an opportunity to dial down the crisis.

Two Crisis Group reports examine the standoff and how to renew the diplomatic search for a more durable solution.

Korean Peninsula Crisis (I): In the Line of Fire and Fury maps the perspectives and evolving strategic interests of North Korea, the U.S., South Korea, China, Japan and Russia.

The Korean Peninsula Crisis (II): From Fire and Fury to Freeze-for-Freeze looks at the limits and dangers in the “maximum pressure” strategy the U.S. has adopted in response to North Korea’s weapons tests, lays out the potential toll of war and offers steps to de-escalate the crisis and pave the way for a more sustainable resolution.