The Youth Space of Dialogue and Mediation in Myanmar

TitelThe Youth Space of Dialogue and Mediation in Myanmar
Typ der PublikationReport
AutorInnenGrizelj, I
InstitutionBerghof Foundation
This paper is part of a broader exploratory study on the youth space of dialogue and mediation. Young people’s efforts in transforming conflict across the globe are abundant and are to some extent documented. In conflict research, however, there is a lack of reflection on the particularities of the youth approach and contribution to dialogue and mediation processes. In an attempt to offer some preliminary reflection, in 2016, Berghof Foundation and Finn Church Aid endeavoured to explore, through qualitative research, the youth space of dialogue and mediation – its characteristics, dynamics, dimensions, challenges and potential.
The study’s conceptual framework embodies a broad understanding of dialogue and mediation, in contrast with the otherwise narrow understanding of ‘official’, high level dialogue and mediation employed by diplomats and international mediators as ‘tools’ for ‘resolving’ conflict. The study analyses socially embedded processes of everyday conflict transformation and peacebuilding efforts by young people from the whole of society, and highlights those efforts that are dialogic and mediative – in terms of approaches and/or in creating the preconditions for further structured dialogue and mediation processes. Such efforts exemplify a quality of relational interaction among conflict stakeholders across various layers of society. The broader study is informed by two field studiesin Myanmar and Ukraine, along with reflections from a few other cases. The study situates itself within the broader follow-up of the recent United Nations Security Council Resolution (UN SCR 2250,
December 2015) on youth, peace and security, which urges greater representation by young women and men in the prevention and resolution of violent conflict.