Charter of the German Platform for Peaceful Conflict Management


At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the world is facing violence at an intolerable scale, in particular in the context of internal conflicts.  In order to reduce and overcome this violence what is primarily and increasingly required is the development of a variety of approaches based on non-violent conflict management. To enable this a greater involvement of non-governmental organizations is needed and an overall strengthening of constructive conflict management capacities within society required.

Article 1: Aims

The ‘Plattform Zivile Konfliktbearbeitung’ (German Platform for Peaceful Conflict Management) is an open network of individuals, organizations, and institutions in the Federal Republic of Germany, which, in turn, are part of an international community of civil-society actors. The Platform aims: to support those participating in this network in their work to reduce violence; to connect them with one another; and to make them more effective in their work on the ground. The Platform supports participants in their efforts to foster the constructive, peace-promoting transformation of conflicts through:

1.1    crisis and conflict prevention

1.2    efforts towards de-escalation and dispute-settlement

1.3    reconstruction and reconciliation

1.4    strengthening of disadvantaged groups in their capacities to deal with conflict

1.5    dissemination of democratic conflict-cultures and the development of intercultural skills for dealing with conflicts between groups

Article 2: Tasks

The ‘Plattform Zivile Konfliktbearbeitung’ considers its central tasks as follows:

2.1    To expand information about the field of non-violent conflict management in such a way that the wealth of existing capacities and experiences are utilized more effectively and exchange between the various fields of activity, and co-operation between the various organizations, is facilitated. (Information function)

2.2   To improve the state of knowledge amongst the public on the opportunities of and the need for non-violent conflict management, and to broaden the social base for peaceful settlement of conflicts. (Public relations/education function)

2.3    To work within all opinion-forming and decision-making processes in society to promote non-violent conflict management and its primacy, to strengthen its capacities, and to improve its resources, as well as to anchor it as part of political programmes and fields of action. (Lobby function)

2.4    To promote the exchange of expert advice and support, and to foster the development of standards of quality and the evaluation of plans, methods, and projects relating to non-violent conflict management. (Advisory, support, and training function)

2.5    To establish and foster links with other national platforms, with the European platform, and with international organizations working in the field of non-violent conflict management. (International networking function)

Article 3: Principles and Mode of Operation

The Platform is not a member-based organization; it is a joint undertaking by participating individuals, organizations, and institutions from the fields of peace work, human-rights work, humanitarian aid, and development co-operation, and from the areas of academic work related to these domains. Co-operation within the Platform takes into account the scope and interests of all participants. The Platform’s various bodies work in a consensus-based manner, in accordance with standing orders.

The Platform adheres to the principles of subsidiarity, decentralization, and the division of labour. It is committed to generate synergies:

3.1     Everything that is offered or done by individual participants in terms of the aims of the Platform as a whole will be made known to the other participants and will be available for use by them.

3.2    Everything that individual participants are able to do in terms of the aims of the Platform as a whole should be taken on, carried out, and turned to practical use for the others.

3.3    In order to deal with projects that require the combined efforts of several participants, project-groups will be created which will work together for a set period of time.  Everything that is done in joint projects should display a clear element of ‘added value’.


The Platform is open to all those who feel a commitment to its shared aims.

This Charter may be downloaded as pdf-file.