Between Radicalisation and Democratisation in an Unfolding Conflict: Media in Pakistan

TitleBetween Radicalisation and Democratisation in an Unfolding Conflict: Media in Pakistan
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series TitleReport of International Media Support (July 2009)
Year of Publication2009
Number of Pages56 pp.
PublisherInternational Media Support (IMS)
ISBN Number87-92209-31-9
Accession Number1356

After nine years of military rule, Pakistan today finds itself in the second year of a challenging transition to democracy. Unlike previously unsuccessful transitions to democracy, this transition is characterised by the presence of a newly liberalised mass media. This can prove to be to be a crucial - and positive - factor, but only if the media can assume a role as a watchdog of democracy. Even though Pakistan’s media is vibrant this is a difficult task, because the media is faced with a number of challenges. By highlighting these challenges, this report seeks to focus on how the Pakistani media is affected by, and functions under, the conflict currently unfolding. Furthermore, the report outlines a series of recommendations that can support Pakistan's media in facing future challenges.Recommendations The main recommendations suggested in the report are:
- Improve the safety of journalists and media workers through improved monitoring, risk awareness and conflict sensitive journalism training, development of risk response mechanisms, and advocacy and lobbyism.
- Promote Pakistani-Afghan media relations through dialogue forums and professional cooperation.
- Address the information vacuum and media distortion through awareness-raising on radicalisation of media, and through strengthening radio outlets and by the use of innovative use of new and traditional media in FATA, NWFP and Balochistan.
- Strengthen investigative journalism through training and through funding that can subsidise journalists wishing to undertake larger investigative projects.
- Promote the establishment of a self-regulatory mechanism that can improve standards for Pakistani journalism.

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