Civilian Peacekeeping. A Barely Tapped Ressource

TitleCivilian Peacekeeping. A Barely Tapped Ressource
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series TitleIFGK Working Paper No. 23
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsCarrière, R, Julian, R, Schweitzer, C, Wallis, T
VolumeIFGK Working Paper No. 23
Number of Pages78 pp.
PublisherSozio-Publishing; edited by the Institut für Friedensarbeit und Gewaltfreie Konfliktaustragung (IFGK) in Cooperation with Nonviolent Peaceforce
ISBN Number978-3-935431-79-8
Accession Number1427

The Working Paper No. 23 has been published by the IFGK in cooperation with Nonviolent Peace Force and contains five articles on "Civilian Peacekeeping." This topic has played a relatively minor role in the peace research so far. The contributions were - with the exception of the introduction - written independently of one another and for different target groups. Each of the authors pleads for a global expansion of civilian peacekeeping and its promotion by the United Nations and the nation-states in general. All authors have been temporarily associated with Nonviolent Peace Force (NP) or still are commited to NP. This fact explains that NP plays a major role for the examples chosen.Overview of the contents:
"Introduction - Civilian Peacekeeping. A Barely Tapped Ressource" - Christine Schweitzer
"The World Needs 'Another Peacekeeping'" - Rolf Carrière
"Best Practices for Unarmed Civilian Peacekeeping" - Tim Wallis
"Peacekeeping with Nonviolence: Protection Strategies for Sustainable Peace" - Rachel Julians
"Humanitarian Protection as an Additional Function of Humanitarian, Development and Peace Projects - or Rather a Task Requiring Experts?" - Christine Schweitzer
"The Responsibility to Protect: Towards an Expanded Role for Global Civil Society" - Christine Schweitzer

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