Human Rights and Conflict

TitleHuman Rights and Conflict
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series TitleExploring the Links Between Rights, Law, and Peacebuilding
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsHelsing, J, Mertus, J
Number of Pages536 pp.
PublisherUSIP Press Books
CityWashington D.C.
ISBN Number978-1-929223-76-3
Accession Number1011

The relationship between human rights and conflict is dynamic, complex, and powerful, constantly shaping and reshaping the course of both peace and war. Yet, despite its importance, our understanding of this relationship has long been fragmentary, chiefly because three different schools of thought - human rights, conflict resolution, and international law - have offered three different and often contradictory perspectives.
This much-needed volume brings these perspectives together to create a composite picture of the relationship between human rights and conflict. The book's distinguished contributors do not disguise the differences among them - indeed, some chapters are followed by commentaries offering an alternative view of the same subject - but they also explore the numerous ways in which human rights advocates, negotiators, peacebuilders, and relief agencies can advance and reinforce each other's work.
Human Rights and Conflict is divided into three parts, each capturing the role played by human rights at a different stage in the conflict cycle. From human rights abuses that precipitate violence, through third-party interventions and humanitarian relief efforts, to the negotiation of peace agreements and the building of peace, the volume lays out the actors and issues involved and analyzes the attendant dynamics and dilemmas.
Comprehensive, authoritative, and highly readable, this volume is an invaluable resource for professors and their students. With its cutting-edge analyses and timely coverage (of Iraq and counterterrorism measures, for instance), it also offers considerable food for thought for seasoned practitioners and advocates.Contents
Introduction - Julie Mertus and Jeffrey W. Helsing
Part I: The Role of Human Rights in Conflict Intensification and Mitigation - Ellen Lutz, Michael Lund, Lisa Schirch, Kevin Avruch, Ram Manikkalingam, Abdu'l-Azziz Said, Charles O. Lerche, and Jack Donnelly
Part II: The Application of Human Rights in Violent Conflicts - Hugo Slim, Jonathan Moore, Richard Falk, Thomas G. Weiss, John Cerone, Jordan J. Paust, David P. Stewart, Mohammed Abu-Nimer, Edward Kaufman, Julie Mertus, and Maia Carter Hallward
Part III: The Contributions of Human Rights in Postconflict and Postcrisis Situations - Christine Bell, Vasuki Neshiah, Richard Ashby Wilson, Susan Martin, Andrew I. Schoenholtz, Janet Lord, Nancy Flowers, and Alan Keenan
Conclusion - Julie Mertus and Jeffrey W. Helsing

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