Local Business, Local Peace: The Peacebuilding Potential of the Domestic Private Sector

TitleLocal Business, Local Peace: The Peacebuilding Potential of the Domestic Private Sector
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series TitlePublication by International Alert (IA)
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsGündüz, C, Killick, N, Banfield, J
Number of Pages586 pp.
PublisherInternational Alert (IA)
Accession Number642

International Alert’s experience in conflict-affected countries has shown that the domestic private sector can be an invaluable partner in the peacebuilding process.Local Business, Local Peace has been developed and researched with partner organisations and businesspeople from conflict-affected countries around the world. It presents more than 20 case studies of business actors taking steps to address violent conflict. The book highlights their efforts to support peace negotiations; to address economic problems that lie behind violent conflict; to build bridges between divided communities and groups; and to alleviate security concerns. The study also draws attention to the special role of women entrepreneurs.The study aims to provide local businesses that face armed conflict and want to contribute to peace with ideas, strategies and encouragement drawn from the experience of others facing similar challenges.Local Business, Local Peace will also be of interest to others working to address armed conflict, whether from governments, civil society, or international organisations.For national and international actors seeking to strengthen the private sector’s contribution to development and economic growth, Local Business, Local Peace is intended to act as a stimulus for thinking about new ways of working with the domestic private sector in conflict-affected societies.

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