Religion and Conflict in Africa

TitleReligion and Conflict in Africa
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series Titlewith a Special Focus on East Africa

DIIS Report 2006:6

Year of Publication2006
AuthorsMøller, B
Number of Pages140 pp.
PublisherDanish Institute for International Studies
ISBN Number87-7605-145-5
Accession Number814

The report provides a brief overview of the religious landscape of Africa with a special focus on the role of religion in the continent\'s several conflicts. It then proceeds to look at East Africa, where the three religious \"families\" of traditional religion, Islam and Christianity are all present in large numbers. It does not find any significant correlation between conflict propensity or terrorism and religion, neither in the sense that religious diversity gives rise to any \"clash of civilizations\" nor in the sense that the predominance of any one religion (e.g. Islam) make a country more prone to conflict or terrorism. It then proceeds to country case studies of Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, providing a brief overview of the history of religion and conflict and an assessment of the present situation and the prospects for the future.

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