The Sudanese press after separation – Contested identities of journalism

TitleThe Sudanese press after separation – Contested identities of journalism
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series TitleMedia in Cooperation and Transition study
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsSpilker, D
Number of Pages48
PublisherMedia in Cooperation and Transition

MICT has been working with Sudanese journalists in North and South Sudan since 2009. The projects, funded by the German Foreign Office, aim to support our partners as they strive to improve journalistic quality, while also working to prevent civilian conflict. During MICT's involvement in the region, we have witnessed how Sudanese journalism functions within a complex web of party politics, governance, and media. This observation was the starting point for further research into the multiple links between politics and the media in post-secession Sudan. This publication contains the first results of that research and can be seen as a presentation of our preliminary findings. For MICT's next step, an equivalent study will be conducted in South Sudan. Contents Anja Wollenberg - Preface Roman Deckert - The history of the Sudanese press: Background to conflict Roman Deckert - The current state of the Sudanese press: A diverse range of papers for a narrow spectrum of society Anke Fiedler - Political newspapers in Sudan after separation: Fig leaves of government monopoly or real alternatives to the state-run media? Magdi Elgizouli - An overview of the Sudanese print media 2012 Roman Deckert - Party portraits Download

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