Women’s political participation and economic empowerment in post-conflict countries

TitleWomen’s political participation and economic empowerment in post-conflict countries
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series TitleLessons from the Great Lakes region in Africa. International Alert report
Year of Publication2012
Number of Pages52
PublisherInternational Alert, Eastern Africa Sub-regional Support Initiative (EASSI)

One of the positive outcomes of recent peace processes in Africa’s Great Lakes region has been the increased involvement of women in the public sphere, primarily thanks to the adoption of quota systems for female representation. Women have had some success in influencing official peace processes in the region, ensuring provisions for women’s rights were made. They have been actively engaged as both voters and candidates in elections, but few are elected. Masculine political systems, lack of gender expertise and gender norms and stereotypes remain obstacles to equal representation of women in political and public life. Post-conflict reconstruction has provided economic opportunities for women, but these advances have not necessarily led to more prominent roles in political decision making. This report makes recommendations for civil society, governments and the international community to strengthen women’s political participation and economic empowerment in these post-conflict countries. Download

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