Hier finden Sie Hinweise zu aktuellen Initiativen (Kampagnen, Aktionen und weiteren Lobbyaktivitäten) der Plattform Zivile Konfliktbearbeitung und ihrer Mitgliedsorganisationen sowie weiterer Akteurinnen und Akteure.


Peace Agreement in South Sudan

Nonviolent Peaceforce welcomes public declaration of intention to end the war

Nonviolent Peaceforce - Peace Watch - 29 August 2015 - Country Director in South Sudan, Tiffany Easthom, gives her statement on this week's signing of the peace agreement in Juba, South Sudan. "This  week, the final signature was placed onto the South Sudan peace agreement. In doing so, all parties to the conflict have indicated their intentions to end the violent conflict that has rocked South Sudan for the past 21 months. 

Unrest in Burundi

A call for dialogue and comitment to lasting peace by International Alert

International Alert - Press release - 15 May 2015 - In recent weeks, protests surrounding the upcoming presidential election in Burundi have resulted in violence, killing more than 20 people and wounding more. Tens of thousands of Burundians have fled the violence to neighbouring states. A coup attempt was launched to overthrow President Pierre Nkurunziza, amid his bid to be re-elected for a controversial third term.

#eUnify campaign

International Alert launches campaign to strengthen peaceful relations in Europe

UK-based peacebuilding charity International Alert is working with partners in Greece, Italy and the Netherlands to promote a balanced debate around migration and social marginalisation in the run up to the European Parliament elections (22-25 May 2014), and to strengthen peaceful relations in Europe.

Ukraine: Dialogue and East-West cooperation are the key

International Peace Bureau statement

The events of the last few days and weeks only serve to confirm what the International Peace Bureau (IPB) and others in the disarmament wing of the international peace movement have been asserting for years: that in times of political tension, military force solves nothing. It provokes only more military force from the other side, and risks pushing both parties up and around an infernal spiral of violence. This is an especially dangerous course when there are nuclear weapons in the background.


Nob Peace Prize

Initiative from the International Association for Peace and Conflict Studies (IAPCS)

The International Association for Peace and Conflict Studies (IAPCS) wants to institute the Nob Peace Prize - as a gentle way of mocking the Nobel Peace Prize that has - in the past - made some very curious awards. The Nob Peace Prize (or Notorious Belligerent Prize) should go to an individual, group of people or institution that has demonstrated belligerence during the year in causing human suffering and actively working against peace.

Syria Statement

International Crisis Group argues against potential military strike by US

International Crisis Group statement issued 3 September 2013: Assuming the U.S. Congress authorises them, Washington (together with some allies) soon will launch military strikes against Syrian regime targets. If so, it will have taken such action for reasons largely divorced from the interests of the Syrian people.

Transboundary Conservation and Peacebuilding through Experiential Learning

Video by International Peace Park Expeditions

The Berlin based Environment Conflict Cooperation (ECC) platform initiated by adelphi research has published insights into cross-boundary environmental protection involving Uganda, Rwanda and the Congo. In an interview Geoff Dabelko, Professor and Director of Environmental Studies at Ohio University, talks about this and other experiences in this field: "Utilizing transboundary conservation as a means to advance peacebuilding and environmental goals is no longer a new idea.