Hier finden Sie Hinweise zu aktuellen Initiativen (Kampagnen, Aktionen und weiteren Lobbyaktivitäten) der Plattform Zivile Konfliktbearbeitung und ihrer Mitgliedsorganisationen sowie weiterer Akteurinnen und Akteure.


Global call to action to stop the violence in Israel-Palestine

Initiative by Department of Peace Operations (DPO) – PATRIR
Kai Brand-Jacobsen, Director of the Department of Peace Operations (DPO) – PATRIR (Peace Action Training and Research Institute of Romania) calls for immediate actions everyone can take to bring about an end to fighting and just peace for all the people of Israel-Palestine.

"The 2012 Nobel Peace Prize is unlawful and cannot be paid to the EU"

International Peace Bureau letter to Nobel Foundation

The 2012 Nobel Peace Prize to the EU is unlawful and cannot be paid, says the International Peace Bureau, IPB, in a letter issued 5 November 2012 to the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm. The demand from IPB is based on the fact that the Nobel Foundation is by law responsible for overseeing that all the five Nobel Prizes are awarded in accordance with the will and testament of Alfred Nobel.

From Kigali to Kabul: The Role of Art in Post-Conflict Reconciliation

World Bank's blogger Uwi Basaninyenzi examines the creative sector as a facilitator for national reconstruction

In two recent blog posts Uwi Basaninyenzi, currently a Communications Associate with the World Bank's External Affairs Operational Communication department (EXTOC), explores the experience of Rwanda, a post-conflict society that is using art as part of its national reconciliation effort. In this earlier post she argued that Rwanda’s active support of cultural industries, including film, music, crafts, architecture and theater, among other art forms, has played a key role in its peace building efforts  in the aftermath of the 1994 genocide that killed nearly one million people.

UN hosts two major events for the culture of peace

Although the UN Decade for a Culture of Peace ended in 2010, the culture of peace is more than ever on the agenda of the United Nations. As the United Nations General Assembly begins its new session, it hosted two major events for the culture of peace at its headquarters in New York on 14 and 21 September 2012.

History of food, not politics, unites Jews and Arabs

'Cooking for Peace' - project initiated by Givat Haviva Education Center

Many initiatives in Israel promote Jewish-Arab dialogue, but are these traditional peace education models still working? David Amitai, spokesperson for Givat Haviva Educational Foundation, talks about some new projects that are bearing interesting results.

Computer Game Teaches Conflict Resolution Skills to Rwandan Children

Innovative tool developed by Search for Common Ground

Search for Common Ground has developed an innovative approach to teaching Rwandan school children how to deal with conflict in their lives. In partnership with Serious Games, the U.S. Institute of Peace, and the Rwandan Ministry of Education, the NGO developed a computer game designed to help primary school students learn about conflict: what causes conflict and what are some effective ways to handle it.

Peoples Summit for Social and Environmental Justice

Civil society organises alternative to United Nations Rio+20 conference

Between the 15th and the 23rd of June of this year, will occur the People’s Summit for Social and Environmental Justice in Rio+20 at Flamengo, in Rio de Janeiro. The global civil society, organizations, collectives and social movements will occupy the landfill to propose a new way of living on the planet, in solidarity against the commodification of nature and in defense of the commons.

Disarmament for Sustainable Development

Campaign on the occasion of the International Day against Military Spending on 17 April 2012

On the occasion of the second “International Day against Military Spending” on 17 April 2012 nobel prize laureates and academia as well as representatives of trade unions and non-governmental organisations address the public with a global appeal "Disarmament for Sustainable Development". They demand a disarmament plan for development and the inclusion of "peace" as a topic area at the World Conference Rio plus 20 in June 2012.