Islam and Human Rights

TitleIslam and Human Rights
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series TitleStudy on the Applicability of Human Rights Concepts to Islam is Available Online

Journal of Globalization for the Common Good

Year of Publication2006
AuthorsJahanpour, F
PublisherJournal of Globalization for the Common Good
ISBN NumberISSN 1931-8138
Accession Number813

This article presents a survey on human rights theory and practices in Islam and Christianity. The author Farhang Jahanpour points to the fundamental need for dialogue as the only road to peace. The article examines whether human rights concepts are applicable to Islam or not. It provides a comparative study of the popular perceptions of Islam versus the West, and argues that with a correct understanding of the Koran and Islamic teachings it is possible to defend human rights concepts from inside the Islamic texts. It also argues that most Western views of Islam are due to insufficient understanding of Islam and often based on political considerations, rather than on what Islam stands for. The long history of Islam\'s peaceful coexistence and interaction with other cultures and civilisations proves that the theory of a \'clash of civilisations\' is wrong, and it is possible to establish real dialogue and understanding with Muslims.

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