Consultancy opportunity: PMEL expert

Vacancy at UNOY Peacebuilders. Deadline: 26 November 2018

The United Network of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY Peacebuilders) is currently seeking a consultant for Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Learning (PMEL) to support the further development of its PMEL framework and processes, build relevant capacities of staff, and advise on data collection and knowledge management in context of a revised Strategic Plan.

With this consultancy, UNOY is looking to follow up on previous assessment of its PMEL practices, with the overall objective to strengthen its organisational capacity in the areas of planning, monitoring, evaluating and learning. This assignment will specifically seek to:

  • Reflect recent internal and external development in an improved Strategic Plan;
  • Strengthen the ability of UNOY to track progress towards its new Theory of Change for increased internal and external accountability;
  • Develop UNOY’s capacity to understand and measure impact in the field of youth peace work.

The deliverables from this consultancy will contribute to a longer process at UNOY to improve quantitative and qualitative data collection and stories production and prepare future strategic frameworks.

The Consultant will facilitate UNOY Peacebuilders’ process of expanding and reinforcing its current PMEL policies and practices by developing the following outputs:

  • Conduct an assessment of UNOY Peacebuilders’ current PMEL practices and gaps, by reviewing existing internal evaluations and the different PMEL methodologies available in the field of peacebuilding.
  • Deliverable 1: a roadmap for strengthening UNOY organisational level PMEL, identifying best-suited methodologies and recommending priorities, budget and timeline for implementation, including on what should fall within the scope of this consultancy (5 days);
  • Deliverable 2: an overview of complementarity and overlap between current strategic planning and the new Theory of Change (2 days).
  • Strengthen UNOY’s organisational monitoring framework to match the new organisational capacities and ambitions of the organisation.
  • Deliverable 3: an updated PMEL framework with strengthened indicators to report on impact and a strong process setting up consistent PMEL routines connecting existing and recommended PMEL tools and practices together (5 days);
  • Deliverable 4: Recommendations for strengthening existing data collection tools of UNOY (1 day).
  • Provide support to the implementation of above outputs, including ad hoc process support, advice on necessary adjustments of the outputs and capacity development.
  • Deliverable 5: previous outputs are amended as needed through direct support and capacity building of UNOY staff in charge of PMEL (3-5 days).

Total expected working days: 16 to 18 days.