Advanced Peace Mediation Course

ICP Laboratory, Coaching and Training Programme at the University of Belgrade, Serbia
Fortbildungen und Trainings
The Advanced Peace Mediation Program is the result of mediatEUr and ICP joint forces and aims at developing a new type of learning and offer in Peace Mediation for mid and high level professionals. The purpose is to train and coach professionals in the field of Peace Mediation and to offer them an opportunity for exchange and dialogue among peers with a focus on the development of advanced practice.
The program seeks to fulfil the following objectives :
  • to gain new insights into the development of peace mediation
  • to reflect on peace mediation as a community of practitioners
  • to identify challenges to peace mediation and identify possible ways forward
In addition to the expert exchanges participants can expect to have inputs on the following subjects :
  • Multitrack peace mediation in theory and practice
  • Best practices in conflict analysis and process design
  • Conflict escalation and its practical applications in a complex world
  • Communication across cultures; integrating unheard voices
  • Finding the humanist foundations of mediation and the role of mediators
  • Working with interactive problem solving workshops as a form of transformative mediation
  • Integrating issues of religion, values and minority rights into already complex processes
  • Evaluating mediation and determining success
This course bridges the gap between basic mediation programs and the complexity of current conflicts. It serves as a “laboratory” for practitioners, deconstruct experiences through joint systematic evaluations, and develop new ideas. Through their extensive network of experts mediatEUr and ICP will bring together an engaging and experienced team of expert mediators/facilitators, with the latest input from the field.
University of Belgrade, Serbia (tbc)
Samstag, 23. Mai 2015 - 9:00
Samstag, 30. Mai 2015 - 17:00